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Approve more payments and increase your revenue. swift-base ’s accuracy means fewer false positives overall, and Insult Monitor is a first-of-its-kind feature that helps businesses identify and optimize acceptance rate

swift-base provides well detailed information invoice on transactions for ease access by the customer.

Access comprehensive reporting tools that update in real time to provide insights on business and performance metric.

Education loan or student loan is a form of monetary assistance availed by students to meet the expenses associated with their studies.

swift-base Home Loans offers a one stop solution to a home buyer. Wide range of assistance is guarantee.

Mobile Financial Service

Recognizing the potential of mobile financial services (MFS), the Mobile Financial Services Working Group (MFSWG) was created to provide a platform within the AFI network for policymaker discussion on regulatory issues related to MFS. The working group promotes the broad use of MFS as a key solution for greater financial inclusion in emerging and developing countries. The group aims to stimulate discussion and learning amongst policymakers and the greater coordination between the many different MFS actors, such as financial and telecommunications regulators, and bank and non-bank providers

Feature Of This Project

With evolving banking technology, you can conduct most transactions without ever stepping foot in your bank. You can send and receive funds, make payments, access your account balances and more from the comfort of your home. Today, you can carry your bank with you wherever you go, in your internet-enabled smartphone, thanks to mobile banking.

  • 24x7 Access to Your Bank Account.
  • Instant Money Transfer Facilities.
  • Timely Payments of Bills & Loan EMIs.
  • Make Investments Securely.
  • Quick Customer Service.